Case Studies

Ultrasound for Better Patient Care & Satisfaction

Mobisante Ultrasound Positively Impacting Workflows

Ultrasound Reaching New Heights

Mobisante Mobile Ultrasound on Mount Everest with Dr. Paul Auerbach

Improving the Bottom Line for Community Clinics

Working with Mobisante to Retain More Patients

On the Battlefield with MobiUS Devices

Military Uses MobiUS SP1 in Remote Settings

White Papers

Mobile Healthcare Solutions for Improved Patient Care

Convergence of consumer technology and medical devices and its promise to empower physicians to deliver better care.

Democratizing Computing: Cell Phone as the New Computing Platform

The evolution of smart phones and their impact on health care published by the Strategic News Service and authored by the CEO.


Technology at the Margins: How IT meets the needs of Emerging Markets

A book published by Wiley and co-authored by the CEO. It explores the impact of mobile technologies in health care, education, and micro-finance in the emerging economies.